About Malpass Finance - Meet Bob Malpass


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Hi, I'm Bob Malpass, director and founder of Malpass Finance.

I'm a finance broker with more than 25 years experience.

What I love about broking is the ability to help people cut through the confusion in the finance market, to help them into the home they’ve wanted, especially when they thought it wasn’t going to be possible for them.

And it doesn’t have to be difficult - many of my clients remark at how surprised they are about how smooth the process is.

When we work together to find a solution and a deal that makes their dream happen, it’s a great feeling and it’s the reason I do this.

As a broker, there is no accomplishment more satisfying than helping someone buy their home, especially if a bank has knocked them back in the past. With a detailed plan and support, we can turn the situation around and put them in a position to borrow the money they need.

I’m keen to put my knowledge and experience to work for you, so call me today on 0431 862 136 or email [email protected] for a no obligation, free assessment of your situation to see how I can help you get the best deal out there.

You can also follow Malpass Finance on facebook: facebook.com/MalpassFinance and twitter: twitter.com/MalpassFinance

I look forward to hearing from you.